Dear PintHub Community,

We hope you and your loved ones are staying safe in this time of uncertainty.  As breweries, bars, and restaurants must close their doors due to the COVID-19 pandemic, it’s a particularly frightening time for the craft beer community.

We also want to keep you posted  about PintHub memberships during this time, and basically give you an easy way to freeze your account while PintHub venues are closed.

First, why should I not freeze my PintHub Membership?  

We understand that drinking great craft beer around town is why you are a PintHub member! But we are a small business and a local business. (Our team is spread across Dallas, Fort Worth, and Austin.) We are committed to helping our bars and breweries as best we can during this time. For example, we want to make sure the community knows about breweries that have beer-to-go.  And Texas now allows for establishments to deliver beer to your home. We also are gearing up to make sure we can help our community come back stronger than ever.

This is daunting in the face of having no revenue, so we definitely share the pain of many small businesses in this regard.  If you want to support the continued health of our business and service providers, one way to do that is to maintain your membership. 

That’s great and all, but I still want to freeze my membership 

We totally understand if this doesn’t work for you and you need to freeze or cancel your membership. Please contact info@pinthub.com, and we will get that processed for you.  

Thanks for your time here.  Be safe everyone!

567 replies on “COVID-19 Update”

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